Perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners

All creation has an origin. The manufacture of perfumes in a bulk and for third parties as white goods, cosmetics and air fresheners are the three main business lines of Natuaromatic Laboratories, a company created by two young people from Murcia who, after more than ten years of experience in the perfume business, decided to start their own company. According to the increasing demand for high-quality perfumes and cosmetics at low prices they undertook this project with innovative techniques so far unseen in aromatic creations at affordable prices.

Natural raw materials: Mediterranean essence

Murcia, the province where the company is located, gave a Mediterranean character to the project. This sea breeze provided the best essences to the idea of Jose, perfumer evaluator and Antonio, commercial director.

Fields of citrus, mint, thyme, lavender and rosemary, among other herbs, provided the vision of Natuaromatic Laboratories, a young and innovative company engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of perfumes for men and women, cosmetics and air fresheners for home and car; by nature, essence, using natural raw materials to give the highest quality to their creations

Leaders in the manufacture of perfumes in bulk

In the beginning, the company focused on creating fragrances for the body as eau de perfume. The exponential growth in recent years resulted in the company having three distinct lines of business: perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners.

The experience gained in these three sectors has made Natuaromatic Laboratories a leader within the sector in the development, manufacturing and introduction of consumer products of the highest quality at national and international level. Natuaromatic is leader as perfume in bulk manufacturer in Spain, selling in 14 countries with an annual growth of three digits. The international expansion of this young company engaged in perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners continues with the introduction of the company into new markets.

Innovation, technology and nature are the key elements of this business called Natuaromatic. International growth and expansion carried these principles and values, intrinsic to the company and its aromatic compositions.


Where we are going

In Natuaromatic we want to become the most innovative and creative company in the perfume and cosmetics sector; producing innovative aromatic and cosmetic compositions. Our passion for discovering unknown flavors and fragrances to compose new natural raw materials allowed us to enter in other markets and to travel the world in search of the best and deepest essences.

We want to know and explore new places and cultures to extract its essence and create sophisticated and cutting edge perfumes and cosmetics for our customers. A view always takes shape through one look. In our case, Jose Sanchez, CEO of Natuaromatic states:

“Tastes and trends change in time, evolve. This change makes Natuaromatic Laboratories to constantly invest in our own development and research. Nature is the greatest wealth we have, a changing and surprising richness to which we owe respect and dedication to discover.

Everything is ephemeral except for the essence of things. Therefore, in Natuaromatic we not only create fragrances. That is the final step, the purpose of our company. However, we focus more on how we do it. We work to understand the world around us, understanding cultures, discovering new ideas and caring for Mother Nature as we explore. We work to live experiences that will help us achieve our goal: to build the most efficient company and the brightest variety of fragrances market.”.José Sánchez