Essence of innovation

Natuaromatic Laboratories carries the innovative and entrepreneur spirit of its founders in its DNA. Continuous improvement is one of the most important essences in our laboratories. The work carried out by our perfumers through rigorous chromatographic processes has allowed us to replace synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients..

Manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners

In Natuaromatic we use more than 2000 natural raw materials in the manufacture of our products: perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners for home, from more than 100 countries worldwide. All our highly-qualified teams in each of their areas, recognizes its ethical and commercial responsibility and work hard to ensure that all raw materials are obtained so as to preserve the environment, promoting development, protecting communities and safeguarding natural resources.

Creativity, research and innovation go hand in hand in our laboratories with a highly-qualified instrumentation, making a difference in the sector. The efforts of our company in research to gain a deeper understanding of natural aromatic raw materials and the innovative application of them in our manufacturing process, caused in 2014, an exponential investment in the development of our facilities to provide the latest technology on the market.

Quality and safety commitment

The road to excellence is always under construction but good business practices and continuous commitment to quality and safety in all management processes guarantee a responsible making of perfumes, cosmetics and home air fresheners. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is a tangible reality. Natuaromatic Laboratories is ISO 9001certified. Also, in our laboratories we follow the manufacturing protocol based on Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products according to international standard ISO 22716.
ISO 9001



Natuaromatic Laboratories team includes expert perfumers and doctors in chemistry working in different business lines. Our commitment in research was right from the beginning of the company and is materializing with the investment the company is making in expanding existing facilities and instrumentation used in the manufacturing processes of the perfumes and its lines of cosmetics and air fresheners for home.


We research to offer our customers the best formulas in perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners.


We develop the best infrastructure to provide a fast and efficient service.


We innovate to provide different product alternatives to give added value to our customers.