Natuaromatic Laboratories manufactures perfumes and cosmetics and fragrances for third parties. The extensive experience in the design and manufacture of personal care products such as perfumes, body and facial creams, processing oils and gels, among other items, and ambiance products, car and home make our laboratory the perfect partner to create a new business line or fragrance of your own company or brand by selling in bulk or finished product.

White label fragrances

In Natuaromatic we design and create high-quality perfumes for your white label at competitive prices. In our catalog you will find over 200 fragrances of all the olfactory families with high durability so you can choose the ones you like. With a deep knowledge of the industry as manufacturers of perfumes for third parties as a white label, in our laboratories we also develop aromatic creations and provide consultancy services to companies to define a new product for its business.

The company has modern and innovative facilities where we take care of every detail in the manufacture and packaging process, addressing all production steps with the utmost rigor and security. Right now we are designing new infrastructures equipped with the latest technology market in order to become more competitive and continue research to offer our customers the best perfume or aromatic product for white label.

We are much more than perfume manufacturers

In Natuaromatic we not only manufacture perfumers to third parties. We have a wide range of complementary products, divided in five categories, like home air fresheners or cosmetics to meet the demand of our customers.


Product categories

Perfumes: Eau de parfum, eau de toilettes, eau de Cologne and body splash.

Home and car air freshener: Mikado, spray, car fresheners, air freshener for large surfaces.

Cosmetics: face and body creams, processing oils, scented body milk, shampoos, deodorants, etc.

Bath: sales y gels natural salts and glycerin in different kinds of forms and flavors gels.

Complements and accessories: we have a wide range of containers and accessories to dress all your products as well as other complementary products

Wide range of glassware (bottles)

Screen-printed service

Packaging service

• Creation and design of logos

• Design of labels

To continue providing added-value to our customers, besides manufacturing perfumes, cosmetics and home air fresheners, we offer other services such as the creation of corporate identity and ongoing marketing consultancy focused on selling products. Since the beginning of this adventure called Natuaromatic our philosophy is to assist our customers throughout the lifecycle of their business.

Corporate design: We define local design and corporate identity of your brand (logo, cases, bottles, labels and advertising).

Customized support: We help our customers in several areas to achieve a higher number of sales, providing advice on prices of retail, in conducting market research by areas and guiding them when preparing the documentation necessary to successfully start and maintain a business in time.