Create your own perfumes and cosmetics brand


If you want to introduce some of these products in your business, we can help because in Natuaromatic we are leaders in the manufacture of perfumes in bulk in Spain.
Natuaromatic Laboratories offers you an extensive line of perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners for homes and car as well as complementary services so you can create, design and position your brand in your outlets or put it on the market.

The creation process of a brand is similar to the process of creating a perfume. Each fragrance comprises three olfactory notes that become protagonist as time passes since the perfume is attached to the skin. The top, heart and background notes are represented by perfumers in a scheme known as olfactory pyramid. Each part is designed in perfect harmony with the other two for every moment of the journey aromatic perfume has its own personality.

In Natuaromatic we compare the process of creating a perfume with the steps a company must take to create its own brand of perfumes, cosmetics and air fresheners or to introduce them in a white label already established.

Create your own brand


We offer all our knowledge in the business to prepare your project and advise you about all the possibilities that can develop in the market and those that best suit your business model.
– Knowledge of the sector
– Goals
– Deadlines
– Quantities

You not need a big budget to create a great product. We adjust to your budget to offer different business opportunities. You can ask information without any obligation.


our perfumer will guide you, giving you all the information you need about the olfactory families and selling to hit the choice of perfumes to be manufactured for your brand compositions.
– Choose your perfume
– Know the olfactory families
– Discover the top-selling aromatic compositions

We give you the opportunity to customize your perfume and choose between our different kinds of glass, caps and pumps to create a personalized and unique product.
– Choose your bottle
– Choose your cap
– Choose your pump
– Choose your bottle

We design your brand, so your product receives the recognition it deserves, through labels, cases, screen-printed glass and other merchadising products
– Corporate identity design
– Label and screen-printed design
– Case design

The comprehensive regulatory affairs department offers the implementation of the project in more than 70 countries, thus, fulfilling all requirements according to law.


Our communication and marketing team will guide you in promoting your brand and give you tips to help you position your products and increase your sales.

When your brand is launched we will continue supporting you, making a continuous follow-up to advice on the elements mentioned above.