Natuaromatic Laboratories is Spain´s leader in the manufacture of perfumes in bulk.
We manufacture perfumes to third parties and offer all the complements and accessories necessary to wear your perfumes. From bottles to plugs, bombs, cases and jars that will present your favorite perfume in a brand designed by and for you. Besides our wide selection of perfumes for men and women, we help you select the most popular ones.

Natuaromatic Laboratories has positioned itself as reference in the sale of perfume in bulk and the manufacture of perfumes for white label in the perfume sector, both nationally and internationally. Because of our experience and knowledge, we offer our customers to make their ideas in the form of perfumes and fragrances a reality as well as to advise them in choosing the best products for their business, providing them maximum profitability.

Each fragrance has three olfactory notes that emerge throughout their life cycle. The top or output notes, the most ephemeral and volatile, are those we feel and smell from the first contact with skin and disappear short after. The heart notes last for hours and show the personality of the perfume. Finally, the base or exit notes, the true essence of perfume emerge once head and heart notes evaporate.

The selection of raw materials and composition created by the perfumer is a work of art in in which all its elements, properly placed, play an essential role. The three olfactory notes described above make up the structure of a perfume and are depicted graphically in an olfactory pyramid.

The flexibility and customized service we provide our customers has made this company one of the most important in the sector. Since the beginning we are searching for the best balance between quality and price of our lines of bulk perfume, cosmetics and atmosphere it has been our top on the road.

The satisfaction of our customers and their loyalty is the proof that this commitment remains one of our priorities. More than 200 fragrances for men and women of great quality and high durability are available in our catalog.

Our wide range of high-quality perfumes pass through strict quality and safety controls. In Natuaromatic Laboratories we have the ISO 9001 certification in quality management and we follow international protocol based on Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products according to the ISO 22716 standard.

Perfumes prepared in Natuaromatic laboratories have been created through rigorous and complex chromatographic processes, which has made possible to replace synthetic ingredients with natural raw materials. To create all references perfume we offer our expert perfumers more than 2000 ingredients from a hundred countries around the world. We do not care where or how far or close you are to our facilities, located in the province of Murcia; what is really important is to seek and find the best essence, since the essence is the only thing that prevails despite the passage of time.